SEO Tips - What not to do: The 'Click Here' Link

Many sites and their links are victims of this. When Google sees a 'click here' link, it understands this link to point to a page that is about 'Click here'.

Not exactly what you may want: how about a link that tells Google what the link is about? Your link should say something like:

SearchingWorks provides Search Engine Optimization Services

How do you do that?

The code in HTML looks like this:
SearchingWorks provides <a href=" ">Search Engine Optimization Services</a>

Optional: Add a link title

You can even add a further description to the link that becomes visible once the mouse hovers over the text, and Google of course picks this up as well, thus further improving its understanding of a link's meaning. The code for this looks as follows: <a href= " title="Best Practice SEO ">Search Engine Optimization Services</a>

The result: An optimized link (don't overdo it, though...)

SearchingWorks provides Search Engine Optimization Services


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